Monday, April 6, 2009

In Bloom

So take a peek at what's blooming in my very own back yard!

Now I must confess, none of these beautiful blooms were of my own doing. They were all the handiwork of the previous owners. Because we moved in the fall we had no idea what kind of plants would be popping up in the spring. It has been fun to look out the kitchen window each morning to see what new flowers were blooming. I must also confess that our backyard is not a beautiful garden. These few little flowers are rarities amongst the weeds that have taken over our backyard like a disease. We have only one small patch of actual grass about 2' x 1'. Randall has tried two different types of weed killer and neither one seems to be making a dent in the masses of weeds.  At this point I think we may have to just dig up the whole backyard and start from scratch. My goal is to have a lush green St. Augustine lawn by the time our kids are walking (so we have a few years!). Any ideas?