Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Impressions

Red door....................Check!

Cute as a pumpkin!

So if either of my baby nieces and a pumpkin come in close proximity to me at the same time.... I might not be able to refrain from doing this:

(Not sure who this baby is, came across her through google!)

Another weekend

We are nearing the end of our allotted time for the house renovations and things are starting to get a little stressful around here. Good thing more family came to help us out this past weekend. Sorry I don't have the energy for writing much after working at the house until 12 each night, so future posts may be pictures only from now on!

Dad helped me give the toilets a much needed cleaning in the back yard.

The power-washer came in quite handy.... except that when you aim it in the toilet bowl all the water just comes right back out at you!

BIL, Jason and Randall's Grandad finished putting up all the crown molding in the living room and kitchen- it looks great!

What a tough bunch.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Family Affair

Last weekend some of my in-laws came in town to help us with our house! We got a lot done and as always, it is so much more fun when there are more people working together. We had fun joking around and singing along with the radio as we worked! Here are a few pictures of the everybody in action, including the kiddos:

My mother-in-law being her usual fun self :)

Brother in law, Josh hard at work taping of all the trim.

My beautiful niece Lainey came to help too! She is SO sweet and cuddly!

This busy mother-of-three didn't have her hands full enough, so she came to help US out! Thanks Jen!

I was impressed at how well Ty handled the electric drill. All it took was a quick lesson from Papa and he was ready to go- he went around the house searching for any hardware he could take off.

Now this is a rare sight as this cute boy doesn't sit still for a minute. He entertained himself while we worked by chasing Katie's little dog (chihuahua/shih-tzu mix) around and around. He LOVED it!

And this picture has nothing to do with working on the house and was taken Sunday after church, but I thought that Randall and Lainey matching so perfectly and unintentionally was the cutest thing. Look at those gray and pink polka-dotted pants! Precious.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Tiny Fighter

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of Randall's family: Abiola "Gabriel" Lawal. His mom, Amanda was not even 6 months along in her pregnancy when the doctors had to do a cesarean yesterday. Amanda had severe Preeclampsia which you can read more about here. As you can imagine, Amanda seemed very nervous and worried as the doctors tried to decide what to do. The family that was up at the hospital circled around her and said a prayer while we waited to hear more from the doctors. We are so lucky to have an amazing Lord to go to in our times of need and our times of joy. The doctors determined that an emergency cesarean was the best option for both baby and mom. Little Gabriel came out crying, which the doctors didn't expect in one so small, and said that it was a good sign. Gabriel weighed in at a whopping 1.4 pounds! Mother and baby were doing fine when I left the hospital last night. The doctors said Amanda may get worse before she gets better. Your prayers would be much appreciated for both mom, that she may heal from the surgery and the Preeclamsia quickly, and also for Gabriel that he continue to grow healthy and strong!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So the tile guys are on there way to the house AS I TYPE, and I am oh so excited about that fact! Pictures to come!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Productive Weekend

This past Saturday we had a whole crew over working on the house. Work is so much more fun when shared with friends and family. We area very grateful to those who came and helped, thanks guys! The house is in much better shape now than it was last week!

Mom and Dad worked on cleaning the piles and piles of dirt and debris off the floor and gave them a good mopping (although we will have to spend many more back-breaking hours trying to scrape every bit of dried paint off the concrete before the wood floors can go down). But for now they look great to me.... walking in and seeing dirt free concrete floors warms my heart!

Randall's job for the day was cutting and installing the baseboards throughout the house as the previous ones did not survive demo day. Good thing his company is paying for SAFETY TRAINING as it is really paying off..... wait, no.... I'm pretty sure using a trashcan for a saw table and having no protective hand or eye-gear does NOT comply with the appropriate safety measures. His mother couldn't watch and had to leave and pray he still had ten fingers when the day was done. Good thing he is a little handy-man and knows what he is doing!

Our friend Jay came over to help and didn't mind doing super fun jobs like filling the 3,000 nail holes in the baseboards with putty! You are appreciated!

Our friend Aaron also came to help in the fun. Would you want to let these two loose in your home?

And this is officially the first photo of the two of us in our new home. Good job honey. I sure hope we get all this done soon as I'm not sure how much more Randall can take (as evidenced by this photo). But really it has been a fun, if trying, experience and I'm glad I get to share it with him. I can't wait to actually live in the house!

And finally at the days end, brother Caleb, sil Jennie, nephew Reese, and niece Aubrie stopped in town on their way home from a trip. Here is a picture of little "darlin". She was all decked out in an adorable hot pink and black monogramed dress with a zebra print bow! That is one stylin' gal.

Aubrie loves people to talk to her. If you get in her face and talk in a sweet voice she will give you the biggest gummy grin- what a cutie!

Also this weekend my fil, Danny painted the outside of the house. He admitted to doubting my choice in paint color, but in the end admitted that it looked great and I wasn't as crazy as he thought! I will post pics of that as soon as I get the front door painted.....RED!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Catch-up" continued

In the last couple weeks we also got all the walls in the house painted. This is the part I had been waiting for! It made such a big difference and made me feel like we were really getting things done! I love color and it was fun to see my plans for the house put into action! I am pleased with how most of the rooms turned out. I was getting quite frustrated trying to pick out colors because how it looked on a 2x2 inch sample and how it looked on the wall were two very different things.... so it was a tricky game, and I am glad to be done with it!
My brother, Caleb, happened to be in town last week and came over to help us one evening. I feel like I haven't got to spend much time with lately as he has been busy graduating and moving his little family to a small west Texas town to work as a youth minister. I know his is doing a great job there doing the Lord's work and I am happy for that, but I do miss getting to hang out with him more often. SO- it was good to get to see him and talk while we painted (and when I say "talk" I really mean "listen to him argue with the radio" as we were listening to the Presidential debates. He is an opinionated little thing that is for sure. His son can name both presidential candidates by sight or sound.

Speaking of the little ones, we got to see them briefly as well, and they are as cute as ever:

Reese loves "darlin" (as he calls her) and loves to give her kisses, she loves him too and really lights up when he comes to talk to her.

Hope you enjoyed these pics. I will post about our very productive weekend tomorrow perhaps!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of the rut!

(Uncle Cliff, this post is at your request- I am encourage that someone is reading out there!) Well, we kind of got into a rut with the house a few weeks back and I guess that is where the blog updates stopped. But we are officially out of the rut now and on the move! We only have about 3 weeks left until our deadline :0 So I will try to catch you up to speed. Preparing all the walls to texture seems to be the most tedious and time consuming task so far. Randall's dad, Danny, spent many hours going over and over our walls making sure they were even and just right! I am lucky to have such a giving father-in-law!

Now all the ceilings and walls have a lovely texture on them. The ceilings also got a good coat of paint and are completely finished now (1 thing down......97 to go). The actual spraying on of the texture took no time at all compared to the days and days of prep work! Doesn't our dining room look like a winter-wonderland?!

The KITCHEN is far from done as you can see here:

And it's still hard to take a good picture in the house with all the dust!

I know we must have done more in the 4 weeks since I've posted last, but as it's midnight and I've been working at the house all evening I can't type any more! Goodnight y'all! More to come soon!