Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend I have been thankful for flushing toilets and almost-clear running water! But most importantly I am thankful for a good husband and father-in-law who work tirelessly to make a beautiful home for us!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The bare necessities

We now have internet and cable..... now it really feels more like home :) Oh the things we have become accustomed to!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We don't have internet access at the house yet, so I haven't been able to update in a few days. Moving day was this past Saturday. Luckily we haven't acquired too much stuff in the year we've been married, so moving only took a few hours. Putting everything in just the right place and getting it all organized and clean will be a different story though!
We were so glad that Caleb & Jennie came in to help! Our friend Aaron from church, who recently returned from active duty in the Navy, also came to help us!

(I told Caleb he looked like the little mouse on the Cinderella movie who stacks up as much cheese as he can up to his chin until he drops it all!)

Yay for siblings!

Caleb & Aaron tuckered out after a little manual labor.

(This is one of the infamous garage-sale chairs that I will attempt to reupholster in the upcoming months.....right Aunt Claire?!)

Mom & Dad gave the windows a much needed cleaning. Randall commented the other day that now they look like they're not even there they are so clean!

Reese came over later to check out everything.

We are very happy to be all moved into our new home...this has been a long time coming! Celebratory wine given to us by Caleb... reminded me of the scene in It's A Wonderful Life when George and Mary Bailey are welcoming a couple into their new home and give them this blessing:
"Bread...that this house may never know hunger, Salt...that life may always have flavor, and Wine...that joy and prosperity may reign forever."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surprise Visitors!

These two little cuties along with their parents surprised us and came in town this weekend to help us move!

Friday, November 14, 2008

No more dirty concrete floors!

Here's the wood floor, installed, in our house..... I still can't believe my eyes!

Here I am smiling because all the floors are in, and it actually looks like a home now! I'm starting to get really excited!

(ignore the dusty footprints on the floor, we still need to clean it)

A day after the wood was put in....the CARPET came! Carpet went in all of the bedrooms. Randall couldn't resist testing out the soft comfy floors!

And here is the carpet in the master:

Just so you have a realistic picture of where our house currently stands- the master bath still needs some work (as does the kitchen, back porch, and garage). But all in due time!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wood Floors

Today our wood floors are being put in! We were originally planning to install them ourselves. It is a glue-down 5" engineered wood. I got it off the clearance rack at Lumber Liquidators. I was excited because they looked really nice and were still on the closeout rack, so I snatched them up! Guess I should have done a little more research first.... If it had been a click-lock type installation we could have handled it just fine, but no one we knew had personally done a glue-down installation. The more I found out about glue-down and the more horror stories I heard about buckling wood floors, the more nervous I became about doing it ourselves. The guy who is doing our carpet, is someone my FIL Danny has worked with quite a bit in the past and he said he would have his guys install the wood for less than half of what most people would charge us. Needless to say we replied, "Okay, have at it!" I feel good about the decision because now it will be done by professionals, and it will get us into the house that much faster and with one less thing (one big thing) to worry about. So here's what the floors should look like:
(this pic is from

Thursday, November 6, 2008


On Halloween night we took a little break from working on the house to celebrate Randall's Birthday! For weeks I had been planning a surprise party for him, and I was so nervous that the surprise would get spoiled either by my big mouth or someone else's! But we did it and he was happily surprised! It was a close one though. Caleb and Jennie had come in town early to hang out with us and Caleb's only job for Friday afternoon was to keep Randall away from our house (the party site) and from his parents house (where his two sisters and there families were arriving from out of town and getting ready for the party). Well, Caleb goes to put Reese down for a nap and what do you know........... falls asleep before Reese. In the meantime, Randall decides to go to his parents house for something. This all happens about an hour before the party is to start. So Jennie calls Randall's sister Jennifer to warn them - no answer. Jennie calls me - no answer. Jennie calls my dad, he answers, gives the phone to me. I then call Jennifer - no answer. I call my mother-in-law, Betty - no answer. I call my brother-in-law Josh - finally an answer! "Randall is on his way to the house."(Me). "JEN WE GOTTA GO!"(Josh). So Jennifer and Josh SOMEHOW loaded up their three children and all of their belongings into their van and drove off. Now this is all pretty amazing because my parent's house where Randall was coming from and his parents house are about 5 minutes away from each other and about 10 phone calls were made before we got ahold of anyone at the Roseberry's house! And just to prove how close of a call it was, Randall later told us that he thought he saw Jen's van in front of the house when he rounded the corner but by the time he got to the house it was gone so he figured it was someone else. We are pretty sneaky! Thanks to all who helped pull it off- I'm very impressed!
Okay now the party was at a skating rink (this is because Randall always brings up the sad story from his childhood when he had a skating party and the neighbor girl and her sister were the only ones to show up!). Since it was on Halloween I thought it would be fun to do an 80s theme!
Check out Randall's costume that Jennie and I whipped up - a Rubiks Cube!

Wouldn't we have made great teenagers in the 80s!?

Girls race...Caleb & I both won the girls and guys races....because we went roller-skating EVERY Friday with daycare. It's like riding a bike- it all comes back the second the skates are laced up!

Three of my four beautiful sisters-in-law, I am so lucky!! The one in the middle, Katie, (with the temporary blue hair) is PREGNANT.....with TWINS! I wasn't sure if I had shared that on here yet. We are super excited for her!

After skating (which is alot more tiring than I remembered and requires a lot more "time outs" to rest than it used to!), we all went back to our unfinished house :) and played Rock Band and other games. Here are some of the guys and Katie rockin' out!