Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm dreaming...

...of a White Christmas! 

Well, we may not get a white christmas, but December got off to a good start here in Texas with a little snowfall on the morning of December 1st! 

Randall woke me up as he was leaving for work, and I thought something must be wrong but he just wanted to make sure I saw the snow. It was so nice eating my breakfast at the table and watching the flakes come down! It really put me in the Christmas mood. So a few days later we got to work making the house ready for the holidays and decorating the tree. 

Of course we had to watch The Christmas Story as we decked the halls! 

Here it is all done with the presents wrapped. 

I'm a little OCD and have to have all my gift wrap coordinating... 

This year the color scheme is brown/red/cream and is a little on the country side. I love wrapping paper! I think wrapping the presents may be more fun for me than unwrapping them! I know it's crazy. 

Speaking of paper... I also love scrapbook paper, and my mom gave me a big stack of Christmas printed scrapbook paper last year. Since I haven't done much scrapbooking lately (okay more like not any at all!) I decided to use it to make some Christmas decorations. I came up with an idea for a banner that I hung from some of my shelves. It was REALLY easy to do. I just printed letters spelling out PEACE in a font I liked off the computer in a really large size. Then I cute out the letters and traced them on the scrapbook paper and cut them out again. Then I glued them on a square piece of coordinating scrapbook paper, used a hole punch to punch some holes, strung it on some twine and voila! A festive Christmas banner! It looks homemade but that was the look I was going for. You should try it!


Emily said...

I love the Peace banner!! GREAT idea! :) Perhaps I shall steal that for next year. Nice of Randall to help with everything... Jeremy played golf while I decorated for about 5 hours! haha

Can't wait for Saturday!!

The Boyers said...

beautiful! you are too creative!