Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I couldn't take it anymore! This week I went out, bought some pints of paint, and tested them out on some of our finished walls to see how I liked the colors. This is the part of redoing the house that I am most looking forward to. I forgot just how much I love opening a fresh can of paint. I know that sounds weird, but it's the truth, I love it! And it's a good thing I got small cans of paint to do a test run with first, because not all the colors I picked are keepers. However, at this point, I think I am pleased with how 4 of the 5 turned out. (If Randall had a say in this matter, I think he would MAYBE keep ONE of the colors (which would be the one I am changing)). So here they are:

Can you guess which color I am going to use for which room (if I haven't already told you)??? Do these colors scare any of you? It's okay, they scare Randall too. But I am not afraid!

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