Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of the rut!

(Uncle Cliff, this post is at your request- I am encourage that someone is reading out there!) Well, we kind of got into a rut with the house a few weeks back and I guess that is where the blog updates stopped. But we are officially out of the rut now and on the move! We only have about 3 weeks left until our deadline :0 So I will try to catch you up to speed. Preparing all the walls to texture seems to be the most tedious and time consuming task so far. Randall's dad, Danny, spent many hours going over and over our walls making sure they were even and just right! I am lucky to have such a giving father-in-law!

Now all the ceilings and walls have a lovely texture on them. The ceilings also got a good coat of paint and are completely finished now (1 thing down......97 to go). The actual spraying on of the texture took no time at all compared to the days and days of prep work! Doesn't our dining room look like a winter-wonderland?!

The KITCHEN is far from done as you can see here:

And it's still hard to take a good picture in the house with all the dust!

I know we must have done more in the 4 weeks since I've posted last, but as it's midnight and I've been working at the house all evening I can't type any more! Goodnight y'all! More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to come and see all the improvements yall have done since I last came by! And this week I don't have much going on in the evenings so I would love to come help if yall are going to be working on it!

Anonymous said...

BTW that comment was from Meredith! lol

Celice said...

Yeah, we'll be there every night most likely so come on by!