Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We don't have internet access at the house yet, so I haven't been able to update in a few days. Moving day was this past Saturday. Luckily we haven't acquired too much stuff in the year we've been married, so moving only took a few hours. Putting everything in just the right place and getting it all organized and clean will be a different story though!
We were so glad that Caleb & Jennie came in to help! Our friend Aaron from church, who recently returned from active duty in the Navy, also came to help us!

(I told Caleb he looked like the little mouse on the Cinderella movie who stacks up as much cheese as he can up to his chin until he drops it all!)

Yay for siblings!

Caleb & Aaron tuckered out after a little manual labor.

(This is one of the infamous garage-sale chairs that I will attempt to reupholster in the upcoming months.....right Aunt Claire?!)

Mom & Dad gave the windows a much needed cleaning. Randall commented the other day that now they look like they're not even there they are so clean!

Reese came over later to check out everything.

We are very happy to be all moved into our new home...this has been a long time coming! Celebratory wine given to us by Caleb... reminded me of the scene in It's A Wonderful Life when George and Mary Bailey are welcoming a couple into their new home and give them this blessing:
"Bread...that this house may never know hunger, Salt...that life may always have flavor, and Wine...that joy and prosperity may reign forever."


Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

YAY! I wish we could have been there but we will be your first house guests right?!?!

Collin and Marisa said...

Wow! Congratulations! Your house is looking great! We are very impressed. We miss y'all. Remember...anytime you wanna head over to Europe, there are some really cool things to see around here.