Thursday, February 11, 2010

Around Here

Here's what's been going on this past week! I've been too busy with work to post everyday, but as today was a snow day I had a little extra time.

Last weekend our twin nieces came in for a visit. Kinley & Ansley, you are so sweet and it's fun to watch you grow! I can't believe they are almost one.

Shopping with the sister-in-laws & mother-in-law (Betty wouldn't get in the picture), always a good time :) I'm blessed to have family that I enjoy and love so much on both sides.

And this is what I've been reading this week. Contemplating making something special for Valentines... not sure if I can. I need a lot of practice. Anyone hungry?

These pretties were from my sweet husband! When he brought them home earlier this week they were all closed up and green, but yesterday they decided to bloom. Hopefully they will last a little while- they brighten up my kitchen so much!

And finally . . . snow! Oh it's beautiful in the trees- I love it!

And that's been our week! Now we're looking forward to a great weekend with friends and family!

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