Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, thanks to the wintry mix around here, we woke up this morning to no power in the house. So we bundled up and headed to the in-laws to watch movies all day on their giant TV from the comfort of their new recliners :) We're lucky they just live around the corner!

(isn't he cute in his hat and scarf... I think so)

We saw this snowman on the way.
Complete with hula skirt & coconut bra.

My rain-boots sure came in handy.
It may be cold and wet outside, but my toes have been toasty and dry!

Also, lucky for us these little cuties were in town for the weekend.
Ty made a beard of Floam.

The younger two wouldn't stop long enough for a picture.
It was so cute to watch Lainey follow Bryce around and copy whatever he was doing
Even when the activity of choice was throwing a floam ball at her head!

Silly kids :)

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Emily said...

I like the beard!! :) I need some rain boots; where did you get yours?