Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Catch-up" continued

In the last couple weeks we also got all the walls in the house painted. This is the part I had been waiting for! It made such a big difference and made me feel like we were really getting things done! I love color and it was fun to see my plans for the house put into action! I am pleased with how most of the rooms turned out. I was getting quite frustrated trying to pick out colors because how it looked on a 2x2 inch sample and how it looked on the wall were two very different things.... so it was a tricky game, and I am glad to be done with it!
My brother, Caleb, happened to be in town last week and came over to help us one evening. I feel like I haven't got to spend much time with lately as he has been busy graduating and moving his little family to a small west Texas town to work as a youth minister. I know his is doing a great job there doing the Lord's work and I am happy for that, but I do miss getting to hang out with him more often. SO- it was good to get to see him and talk while we painted (and when I say "talk" I really mean "listen to him argue with the radio" as we were listening to the Presidential debates. He is an opinionated little thing that is for sure. His son can name both presidential candidates by sight or sound.

Speaking of the little ones, we got to see them briefly as well, and they are as cute as ever:

Reese loves "darlin" (as he calls her) and loves to give her kisses, she loves him too and really lights up when he comes to talk to her.

Hope you enjoyed these pics. I will post about our very productive weekend tomorrow perhaps!

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Melanie Brunett said...

I love that dark pretty! I can't believe Reese is so big. Good to see you this weekend.