Monday, October 13, 2008

A Productive Weekend

This past Saturday we had a whole crew over working on the house. Work is so much more fun when shared with friends and family. We area very grateful to those who came and helped, thanks guys! The house is in much better shape now than it was last week!

Mom and Dad worked on cleaning the piles and piles of dirt and debris off the floor and gave them a good mopping (although we will have to spend many more back-breaking hours trying to scrape every bit of dried paint off the concrete before the wood floors can go down). But for now they look great to me.... walking in and seeing dirt free concrete floors warms my heart!

Randall's job for the day was cutting and installing the baseboards throughout the house as the previous ones did not survive demo day. Good thing his company is paying for SAFETY TRAINING as it is really paying off..... wait, no.... I'm pretty sure using a trashcan for a saw table and having no protective hand or eye-gear does NOT comply with the appropriate safety measures. His mother couldn't watch and had to leave and pray he still had ten fingers when the day was done. Good thing he is a little handy-man and knows what he is doing!

Our friend Jay came over to help and didn't mind doing super fun jobs like filling the 3,000 nail holes in the baseboards with putty! You are appreciated!

Our friend Aaron also came to help in the fun. Would you want to let these two loose in your home?

And this is officially the first photo of the two of us in our new home. Good job honey. I sure hope we get all this done soon as I'm not sure how much more Randall can take (as evidenced by this photo). But really it has been a fun, if trying, experience and I'm glad I get to share it with him. I can't wait to actually live in the house!

And finally at the days end, brother Caleb, sil Jennie, nephew Reese, and niece Aubrie stopped in town on their way home from a trip. Here is a picture of little "darlin". She was all decked out in an adorable hot pink and black monogramed dress with a zebra print bow! That is one stylin' gal.

Aubrie loves people to talk to her. If you get in her face and talk in a sweet voice she will give you the biggest gummy grin- what a cutie!

Also this weekend my fil, Danny painted the outside of the house. He admitted to doubting my choice in paint color, but in the end admitted that it looked great and I wasn't as crazy as he thought! I will post pics of that as soon as I get the front door painted.....RED!

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