Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome 2009

Finally we have wireless internet up and running in the house (thanks to our technologically gifted friend Kyle), and I'm all set! My only resolution for the new year is to be less busy. When we first got married in August of 2007, our lives were pretty simple. Just work and then home to relax with each other (we watched a few seasons of the Office and LOST to be exact!). We didn't have too many friends in the area yet as most of them were still away at school, so pretty much we just spent time with each other. But as soon as the year 2008 hit, we were busy beyond belief! I honestly don't think we had a single "free" weekend in the year 2008 where we had nothing to do. Let's see: participated in 3 weddings, gained 4 nieces, visited siblings in 3 different cities, bought a house, renovated a house, moved into the house. Most of the things we were busy with were enjoyable things to do, it was just that we were going all the time. So, although 2008 has been a great year, I am ready to say goodbye to it in hopes that 2009 will be more relaxing!

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Melaina said...

you need to put up more pics of the house:)