Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jewelry Making Machines!

Some girls from my brothers youth group came to stay with at our house for a weekend retreat where I taught them how to make jewelry. I was so impressed with how great the girls creations turned out. I am a perfectionist so it takes me forever to put something together. But they whipped out necklace after necklace and they all looked wonderful! Here is our work in progress- we had to have sonic drinks to keep our energy up of course!

And here are some of the finished product! They will be sold to raise money for the youth group! I predict that they are going to sell out and have to make more very soon! But more importantly we all had a great time talking and hanging out together having some girl time!

As an extra bonus, two little cuties came along and stayed at Papa-Dede's house!

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David and Olivia said...

They jewelry turned out great! That's so neat that you invited those girls to come over and help you... I'm sure they loved it. Now back to Canton for more beads??? :)