Thursday, March 26, 2009

Master Bedroom

So here is the before and after of our master bedroom. When we bought the house the walls of the master looked disgusting. It looked like someone had repeatedly thrown buckets of dirty water all over the walls! If you are just now joining us, you may be wondering why we took up all the laminate wood flooring that was put in throughout the house. Well it looks fine in the pictures but in reality the boards were not installed correctly and there were many large gaps throughout the house that could not be fixed. Also, we preferred the darker wood flooring we now have in our living areas and Randall was insistent that we had carpet in the bedrooms. So in this room we: scraped popcorn ceilings, put in carpet, painted walls, painted trim, replaced light fixture.



The color of our walls is Benjamin Moore - Gravity. LOVE it. It is such a calm and relaxing color that I am now trying to figure out where else in the house I can put it!


Emily said...


David and Olivia said...

It all looks so good, Celice! Your bedroom really looks like a place of peace-- which is perfect. :) Sounds like you did a lot of work on it, but it sure did pay off. As much as I love wood floors, I'm with your husband on the carpet in the bedroom. It's just so much nicer in there for your feet in the mornings!

Collin and Marisa said...

Your bedroom looks great! We love your before and after pictures. You are really making your house your home.