Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our family just got a LITTLE bit bigger!

We were excited to welcome Kinley & Ansley into the world last Thursday evening. They decided it was time to come and there was no stopping them! There were over 30 people at the hospital awaiting their arrival. Thank you to everyone who has been saying prayers on these little ones behalf. They have worked! 7 weeks ago we had a scare that they might come WAY too early. But thankfully Katie was able to keep them in 7 more weeks and we are so grateful for that. Praise the Lord! They needed that time to grow and get strong. It appears that they are very strong indeed. Although they came out weighing only 3.3 & 3.5 pounds each, they are breathing on their own now and are doing well!
I got to visit them in the NICU on Saturday and it was so exciting to finally see them. Enjoy these pictures!

Me with Ansley Grace


Miss Kinley Kate


Lauren said...

Oh, they are so precious!! I'm so glad that they are doing so well! Congratualtions on being an aunt again!!

David and Olivia said...

Oh, they are so cute and tiny! We'll be praying for them and hope they can go home soonish. Congrats to being an Aunty again!