Friday, January 22, 2010

Exciting Friday Night...

I know, I know..... it's Friday night and I'm blogging! Randall & I just had a quiet night-in tonight. We are so busy usually that it's nice just to stay home and relax sometimes! So this is what we did:

I baked sugar cookies. Mmmm
Baking is therapeutic.
I bake while singing along to good music (specifically the "Glee Cast" station on Pandora).
I am making heart shaped sugar cookies.
The plan is to bake them and then freeze them so when Valentine's Day comes around all I have to do is thaw and decorate them- the fun part!
My favorite recipe is one from my Aunt Claire - they are the best Sugar Cookies! I think the magic ingredients are the sour cream and nutmeg. I might just have to bake a couple and test them out tonight!

And.....Randall slept. He's been sick all week and is still not fully recovered. He did manage to watch an episode of his favorite show Project Runway first :)


Emily said...

I watched Project Runway after work too!! Hope your heart cookies come out delish.

Don't you love Glee?!

The Boyers said...

yum! cute idea for the blog too! sorry randall has been sick...hope he feels better soon...and don't feel lame about staying in...Philip and i do that baout75% of the time!