Friday, August 8, 2008

demo day 1

If you ever need to get some frustration out.... demo is the way to go! I was impressed at how fast it went and how much we got done. Randall, his dad, and friend Kevin ripped up all the laminate flooring and ripped down all the wood paneling throughout the house as well as knocking out a half wall, part of the shower, and part of the ceiling in the bathrooms. What did I do you might ask?........ I unscrewed and took off all the light switches and electric sockets (there are more of those than you might realize in a house until you start taking them all off!). Oh and I also made a Sonic run (very important). Well here are some pictures of the guys having fun:

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Kelle said...

Hey don't devalue yourself on the light sockets and plugs; just be careful, I have some smoke burns to prove it's a tough job!