Monday, August 11, 2008


say goodbye

So almost all the popcorn has been scraped from the ceilings of our house. We are only lacking the kitchen and laundry room. What a MESS! In case you have not experienced the pleasure of scraping popcorn off ceilings, I will enlighten you: First you spray it down with a bug sprayer type thing until the ceiling is pretty saturated. Then you take a scraper, and scrape it off. If wet enough, it comes off quite easily because the popcorn when mixed with water turns to a kind of mud-paste that just sloughs off and drops to the floor. So the floor turns into a slippery obstacle course and then you throw in some ladders just for fun. Actually, it went quicker than I had expected and I didn't really mind doing it. However, I will not recommend that anyone do this while there is furniture in the house. We have not cleaned any of the mess up yet, and now that it has dried it looks like it snowed inside our house:

Thanks to our friend Meredith who wasn't afraid to get dirty and come help us! It's always more fun working with a friend!

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Meredith said...

I like in the pic of the living room, you can see the foot prints (slide marks) of someone who slid and quite possibly could have done the splits! lol