Sunday, August 24, 2008

dresses & desserts

This weekend Randall and his dad worked on our house. I, however, was told that it was "guy stuff" and that I wouldn't be much help over there. SO.... I spent the weekend doing "girly" things like sewing, cleaning, and cooking (two of the three I enjoy)! I haven't sewed anything in about 5 years and even then it was just a simple blanket. Most of my sewing experience is made up of sewing vests, yes vests, when I was in the 3rd grade (I will try to dig up a picture of this). I never quite had enough patience for sewing, but I thought that I might now that I'm older. Also, I thought sewing would be fun because I have a few niece's that I would love to make little dresses for and I figure it will be good practice for when I have a daughter of my own! So this weekend my friend Meredith and I went to Joann's, picked out patterns, picked out fabric, and tried our hand at putting a few things together. I picked out a pattern for a cute little sun dress with a criss-cross back. I am still not quite done with it, but I think with a little more practice it will turn out pretty cute. No pictures yet of our sewing projects but here are some wipes cases that Meredith and I also made this week (I the smaller, and Meredith the larger one).

This weekend was our turn to host our church small group. I couldn't think of anything to make for dessert until I remembered this easy but delicious recipe that my Grandma makes. Fruit Pizza! Now, if you have not had the pleasure of tasting this treat you should try it. It's super easy as all it takes is a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese & sugar frosting, and fruit to top it off. This is a good summer recipe when fruit is at its best, and good for company because it's easy and fun to decorate

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