Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Welcome to our blog! I must first post a disclaimer: I am not a writer and never have been, so please excuse any incorrect grammar. (Hopefully this blog will be filled with more pictures than words.) Also I have been told that I write extremely long sentences, so instead of taking time to correct this flaw, I will just let my thoughts freely flow here on the web without hindrance. With that out of the way I must also say that I am new to blogging and this blog will be a work in progress.... just like our NEW HOUSE! Now... when I say "new", I really mean built in 1982 but new to us. After a 3 month long ordeal, the wait is over, and we are official homeowners! Let the work begin!
The house is exactly what we were looking for. A fixer-upper in a good neighborhood with lots of potential for us to add our own personality into every inch of it! In the upcoming months I will keep you up to date with what project we are currently working on and how thing are coming along. Also, I love good advice, so if you experienced "remodelers" out there have any send it our way!
"Before" pictures coming soon!

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